wobbly orpington help


8 Years
Jul 1, 2011
hi there just looking for some help. I have two buff orpingtons, they are about six weeks old. One of them is doing great, running around, eating, drinking, happy little chick. The other has had weakness and difficulty walking for about three weeks now. Very wobbly, when she does walk she stays crouched, close to the ground, and event then falls over a lot. She is drinking plenty of water and is eating constantly. I have been reading about different issues/illnesses, and have been trying different things. I placed them on a vitamin supplemented water and also began giving oyster shell for possible calcium deficiency. None of this has helped, and she has remained the same, not better, not worse. Being that her symptoms have not increased i feel like it's probably not an infection, but im not sure. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Im going to try and attatch a video of her too.
Have you looked inside her ears? possible inner ear infection? ear mites?
update on penny: is now unable to walk. very weak. decided to start her on tetracycline. Any other ideas?
I hate to tell you this but I have a friend who had two roosters like this and the necropsy results just came back as mareks disease on both birds. They both walked down on their hocks and fell over occasionally. One of them became so bad that he couldn't stand. Sadly, there may not be much you can do. There are also a lot of toxicities and vitamin overdoses and deficiencies that can cause these symptoms too. Have your birds been vaccinated for mareks?

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