Woke up this morning and my baby duck can't use one of it's legs, Help

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Fluffy-Butt-Farms, Aug 6, 2009.

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    It was fine last night. I'm new to the chicken/duck thing, and I'm beginnig to think this wasn't such a good idea. [​IMG] Last night when I went to bed, the baby ducks were fine. This morning, the biggest one can only use one leg. It's pretty well limp from the hip down. If he gets really mad, he can almost kick it, but his toes and foot are absolutely limp. It doesn't appear swollen or anything.

    I hand fed him food and stuck him next to the water and watched him eat for a while, then moved him back to the dry side of the cage (who knew they were sooo messy with water)... and when i went back in there, he has pushed his way back to the wet side, so I moved him back to the dry side again (so he wouldn't get cold) but he just can't use his leg.

    Are there any suggestions? One website said make a splint??? One said may never heal and have to put him down. Do we just keep babying him and hope it gets better? My friend said to put him in the tub with some water and let him try to move it in the water. I dont have a vet near me that does fowl, and i'm honestly not sure i'd pay that much for a vet to tell me he can't fix it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Get him some niacin. Sometimes that helps. It can be in the form of a crushed brewer's yeast tablet sprinkled on the feed or Poly V Sol (no iron) vitamin drops in the water.
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    Ducks are prone to a variety of leg ailments. Here is a recent thread which can give you a good rundown of them.


    Read down to the one on Avian Botulism. (ETA: it's post 27 that has a link to info about avian botulism). It can cause paralysis of a limb like that. I would be very suspicious of it.

    Most of the cures for leg issues involve rest and B vitamins. Good luck with him.
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