Wolf rats or warf rats?

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  1. Could these rats kill ducks?
    In my peacock pen I temporarily had put
    3 ducks and something killed only the ducks
    In the pen... There was no signs of anything
    Getting into the pen only some rats holes
    Under an old dog house. We live in an orchard
    So wolf rats are not uncommon. Could and
    Would these types rats kill ducks?? One was a Muscovy so the ducks were not small and
    Whatever got them ate at their necks and eyes.. The peas and guineas were not harmed and saw no other signs except
    The rat holes???
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    Dec 15, 2014
    Weasels can fit down rat holes can't they? Sounds like a very weasely way to kill.
  3. Got an adult guinea... Neck chewed up and head and neck were pulled into a hole
  4. Hate to even think but that darn mink might be back If ya think it could be a weasel?...
    It's so disheartening almost makes me want to throw up my hands and give up! Kills me to get up in the morning and find that one of my babies has be killed with three layers of wiring with only quarter inch holes around the entire pen, with a double netted top, trying to keep them safe......... The only holes to be found were small tunneled in by warf/wolf/orchard rats and I plug them as soon as I see them after flushing them out with a water hose and killing the rats when they come out. Set a couple box traps and am at a loss for what else to do shy of sitting up with a shotgun and Spotlight...
  5. Caught my mink last night!
    He got caught in a steel trap and this morning I shot him!!
    Hope that's all of them![​IMG]

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