wondering about getting a stock pile of scratch


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Mar 18, 2011
Laurens SC
hi everyone I've been wondering about getting a small stockpile of scratch and feed before winter.. it seams like the cost of corn and grain is getting higher each day. my gods I say today they had square bales on sale for $6.00 like that was a bargain.. ahhh its wasn't too long ago I was getting them out of the field for $1.00 and $1.50 out of the barn.. TSC raised their scratch grains up here in the upstate almost $4.00 in a month... does anyone else plan ahead for winter this way and what is the best way to go about it..?

I say if you have the finances & the storage space, go for it. Just also make sure you take into consideration that it may attract vermin & contaminate the food. Also, there's the consideration of being able to keep the feed fresh for the time you have it & before you use it.
oh how I wish I could do that, but I have neither of the 2 most important ingredients at this time. You're right about prices rising...I'd love to be able to have enough to last me for a good while, but I'm afraid that the next time I had to buy, I have heart failure from sticker-shock!
As Tiger Lilly said, go for it.

With the weather events of spring and summer this year, prices can only go up next year.

I switched the birds over to layer as soon as I could and increased to free range time.

Since we have the storage space but do have mice problems in the winter months, two galvanized trash can with tight fitting lids work very well. Each will easily hold 100 lbs of feed. More than adequate for us.

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Stock pile means different things to different folks, but I don't like to have more than a month or two ahead. While I've not had the issue, I am concerned about rodents breaking into my stores, and I also value the freshness factor. Our local elevator/feed/grain mill grinds continually. We don't go to that town for just feed anyhow. There is other shopping to do, so it isn't a wasted trip.
We have those tin garbage cans to keep the cracked corn and sunflower seeds in. We always have a supply of both for feeding the wildlife during the harsh winter. I make my own scratch for the girls out of the corn, sunflower, oats, and nuts. I've been feeding all summer. I'm going to buy a flock block for the winter.
You're right about the prices. I wish that I could have stocked piled BOSS. It shot up from $15.00 to $30.00. I am in the process of building ANOTHER feed storage shed for more room particular. I do the same as you. I have trash cans with tight fitting lids. I have NEVER had a problem with feed going bad at all or rodents getting in.
BOSS around here was $42/50lbs. at the feed store. TSC had 40 lbs. on sale this weekend for $24.99 which is $31.25 per 50, so I bought my first bag in months. It's on sale until Monday. I have been feeding the chickens only a smidge of BOSS in their scratch this summer.
Holy smokes... How many chickens do you have that you need to stock pile up on that much food. 50 lbs. Seems like a lot but it is all relevent. If you have 50 chickens then I can see a person storing it up Most do not have that many that buying in bulk has any meaning.



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