Wondering if this is a rooster?

Marc S

In the Brooder
Jun 27, 2016
Southern California
So I've got a lavender Orpington that I'm curious about. Does this look like a rooster to anyone? And yes shes on carpet for a few minutes. Lol thanks for looking
She is apparently 3 weeks... i also have a reverse silver laced orpington who is supposed to be the same age but i think both their ages are wrong. I belive they are a week apart. The bredder ended up getting us the wrong paperwork. This is the Silver laced, any age gueeses would great also
Too young, try posting more pics at 6 - 8 wks. Watch for the comb/wattle growth & reddness. When older watch for the hackle (neck feathering slender/thin) & saddle (back of tail feathering will be slender & flowing) feathering = cockerel. Or when in doubt wait for the egg or crow :) Beautiful chicks, love the Lavender Orpington (love the breed)!
OK, thank you. I just took them outside for a little while and let them roam the garden. It was hilarious watching them explore for the first time.

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