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    Jul 8, 2010
    I finally was able to get the chickens outside, after being in the spare bathroom for 10 weeks. I did change bedding each week (pine shavings) but there is still a lot of 'nasty' stuff in the bathroom.

    I managed to get all the shavings and poop on the floor scooped up and swept up. Of course there was a lot of dust from it. Lots of stuff flying in the air during the cleaning.

    ***I have respiratory problems and am wondering if inhaling that can make a person sick? Also, are there any illnesses that someone can catch from the dust and droppings of chickens? *****

    They were fed medicated food the first 7 weeks of their lives, they came from mypetchicken and were healthy from there. They were vaccinated for marek's. They were not exposed to any other poultry or such.

    I am not totally done with the cleaning. Now I have to finish getting the dust build up off the wood work, and any surfaces in the bathroom. They also used the sink, stool lid and edges of the bathtub for roosts and those need all the poop gotten off them. I am planning on doing that tomorrow. Once that is all scrubbed with soapy water with bleach in it, I plan on doing a last spray of everything with water with a light amount of bleach in it. (I know the bleach will make me sick with respiratory, but want to find out if anything chicken wise can make me sick?)
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    I am no expert, but i don't think there is nothing you can "catch" from the chickens. If you have a resp. problem,..I would wear a mask. But honestly, I have to ask,...Was the chickens just rummaging all over the bathroom??? They wasn't contained in a box or anything? Wow,..I bet you do have a mess.
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    There is a respiratory disease you can catch from your chickens. I forget the name of it, but it is from the dust of the feces. Most people will never have trouble from it, but if you are immuno-compromised it can be a problem. The way around the problem is to wear a respirator. Not the paper mask, but the full deal that covers your mouth and nose and has filters off either side. It makes you look faintly bug like when you wear it. [​IMG] I got mine at Home Depot and it was less than $20. I will say it is a pain to wear as it is bulky and hot, but it is better than the alternative.
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    I don't know about poo and whatnot, but when I changed the bedding in our broody my nose would go crazy... and my hands got itchy as well... but then, I KNOW I'm allergic to pine (and cedar/other evergreens) so I should have been prepared for that... and was after my first go around.

    Once I made sure to take an allergy pill, use gloves (even when handling clean bedding) and put a bandana over my nose I was fine.

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