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    I have a Delaware that I have named Wonky. Why Wonky, you ask? Well, when she was little I noticed she was having trouble with one leg so I messaged my niece (a fellow chicken chick) and told her I had a wonky chicken..... And well the name stuck. I did what I could for her, but the leg was never normal. She is now a full grown girl, but only has one normal leg. She does fine with it, and the other hens accept her as part of their flock. She gets around pretty good and even manages to get into the raised nest boxes and is laying just fine. She and her sister, Dela, are my most vocal girls, and always talk to me when I go up to the hen house. My flock is mixed with 4 buff brahmas, 2 easter eggers, an australorp and a white plymouth rock. (And in May I will have 6 baby Polish!) But Wonky has become my favorite, lol. Now she doesn't venture out of the henhouse much, but seems happy and content. I am glad I didn't cull her when I realized her leg could not be fixed. I love my wonky chicken!

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    Wonky sounds just lovely ---and I love her name!
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    Wonky sounds like a great girl!
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