Won't eat duck food


Aug 11, 2019
DuQuoin IL try
I posted on here a couple weeks ago about a duck that was abandoned at our local park. We went and got her and she's been doing great except that she won't eat her food. I have chickens and ducks so I use all flock to feed them. She forages constantly and I've so far gotten her to eat some tomatoes and corn. My question is will that be enough for her just foraging? Should I be trying to give her other things? Is there a way to get her to eat the food? So far I've tried cottage cheese, carrots, cabbage, peas, putting the food in water, broccoli, grapes, and melon.
She was probably use to finding her own food? So when your ducks and chickens are eating she doesn’t eat with them at all? Maybe once cold weather gets here and there isn’t anything to forage for she’ll start eating. Just always have it out which I’m sure you do.
Everybody else eats as soon as I let them all out of the coop and she just goes straight to the grass or lake. She spends most of the time in the lake. I've definitely seen her eating plants out of there and bugs out of the yard. I just don't want her to starve or be deficient of anything

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