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    My three hens all went broody about the same time, Ebony first, followed by Betsy, then Lu-lu. However, when Lu-lu went broody, my dad said not to let her sit as well. So she was seperated from the other two and not allowed to sit. Not the egg's have hatched and such, we were considering allowing her to brood. But she is no longer broody. But she still isn't laying. It's been around 6 weeks since she layed an egg. If she were eggbound she'd be dead by now, surely. But she isn't laying. How can I stimulate her to start laying again, or will I just have to wait till next year or something?

    Also, the rooster keeps mating her and it's making her bad, any idea's how I can stop him doing that, at least so much, without seperating them. They've just gone back together after the brooding and first few weeks of our chicks lives. Or might that be related?
    I dunno, never heard of this situation before.

    Any ideas would be helpful, thanks x

    Lu-lu's about 10 months old, large fowl Silkie. Healthy appitite and isn't showing any signs of illness other than really runny stool (Warning, gross coming up) which I feel is due to the roo mating her constantly, and literally, mixing her stool with his, erm, baby stuff... >.>
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    it will proably be another month before she starts to lay

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