Won't leave coop or go back in


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5 Years
Mar 21, 2014
Hello! This is my first time with chickens and first post. We have 6 golden sex links and 1 salmon Favorolle, about 5 weeks old. All get along and are doing great! They have been in their new coop for just a few days and haven't figured out the ramp. I'm trying to coax them down/up the cramp by moving their food/water to the area I wish for them to be. Run by day coop by night. Any training tips or do they just need more time? Thank you in advance! I love this site! So, incredibly helpful!
They will figure it out. You may have to put them in the coop at dusk for a few days til they get the idea. The rest of the time, they may choose to move back and forth. If you have a run that is secure from predators, I'd just let them go where they wish.
X2 They are smarter than most people think

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