Won't roost and lethargic

Dennis Paul

5 Years
Sep 8, 2014
We've got a girl 2 and 1/2 yrs old that seems on her way out. 10 days ago appeared lethargic then snapped out of it. But hasn't laid and again is seeming on her last leg. But still eating. Eyes open then closed - haven't seen her drinking. Any advice? I'm searching forums for answers but any direction would be helpful. Thanks
Santa Fe, NM
Hi :welcome. Glad you joined the flock. My first thought would be with her not wanting to roost and being lethargic would be mites or lice. Mites in your coop can put hens off laying because they suck the blood of your bird and can make them become anaemic. Also makes them not want to roost as they come out at night to suck the blood which can be an irritant to your bird making them uncomfortable at roost time. I would give your a coop a good inspection. Good luck and hope your bird better soon. This link is a good read about mites and lice. https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/mites-lice-treatment-and-prevention
Thank you SO MUCH Yorkshire Coop! Off to inspect her and the coop too! Will ck this eve also! That is a wonderful read on lice and mites and we will study it well!

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