Woo Hoo! First Broody

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    It took 3 years but I have my first broody. A 1.5 year old Australorp. [​IMG]

    The other day she was in the nest box a little too late in the day compared to normal and all flattened out like a pancake. I collected the eggs and moved the golf ball to the other nest box. As the other chickens were roosting she had moved to the other nest box with the 2 golf balls. I put picked her up and put her on the roost and the next morning she was out in the run when I checked in on her. SO maybe no broody

    I give my wife the heads up because I was going to be out of town for a few days. She calls me and tell me that the Australorp is in the nest box again trying to hatch a golf ball.

    I have a slight problem. My coop will be a max capacity this winter when I bring my 6 pullets in with my 9 hens. If try to hatch 3-4 eggs It could get crowded. 8X8 coop / 4 ft = 16 chickens.

    My eggs are not fertile, but I can get some.

    Good news my A-frame pullet coop will be free for my broody and chicks in a month.

    Just when I have my chicken setup working perfectly they throw me a curve ball. Time to read up on broody hens and find some fertile eggs. [​IMG]

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    Jul 11, 2010
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    Awesome!! I also have an Autralorp broody that is setting on golf balls!! haha!! I'm trying to get a dozen fertile eggs from a local supplier to slip under her. I had another Autralorp hatch out 2 out of 4 eggs a few weeks ago and it's been so fun watching her raise them with the flock! It's awesome!!

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