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    this morning i went to look for eggs in the coop and to feed the girls there morning bread i givem 2 pieaces every mornibg they love bread:D but i saw one hen in the nesting box laying in there geting ready to lay her egg and she was makeing a mess with the straw bedding i put in the nesting boxes so while she was laying in there workin up her egg i gently pushed the falling straw back in with her and i guess she ddnt like that haha she bit me at least 3 to 4 times i dont have any roosters just normal hens so i guess the naturaly protect there nest while there trying to lay but after they lay there eggs they get up and leave they dnt stay witch is good i dnt wanna fight fo an egg [​IMG]
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    Mine will do the same thing, but I always check for eggs under them, they don't like it but a peck here or there doen't stop me. !! LOL !!!

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