Wood Ducklings at 3 Weeks


Jul 29, 2016
Shelter Island, New York
Here's a new video of the ducklings at 3 weeks. They're finally out of the brooding box and in a new enclosure. Their space is 4' x 12', and they're sharing space with my 9 chicks. The whole space is an add-on for my expanding flock, and this space is set aside temporarily for the ducklings.

They love the new pool. They eat very well. I started shredding kale, chard, etc., and they love that. We continue to get nearby pond water and duckweed for the babies. I expect that these babies will be ready to be released in mid-August. <fingers crossed>

If you look closely, you might be able to see the beginnings of *real* tail feathers!

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