Wood fence as run wall?


10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Foothills west of Denver
We have had to change the location of our future coop. I am considering putting it up alone the perimeter of our property and using my six foot high wood fence as one of my run walls. I can put hardware cloth along the lower perimeter, and skirt it into the ground to prevent predators from digging under. I also plan on covering over the roof of the run. Do I need to worry about predators coming through the wood boards of the fence? They are all attached pretty snugly, and it's pretty sturdy.


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11 Years
Jun 3, 2008
Houston 77023
I too used a wood board fence as a border for my new run. The mini schnauzer on the other side has killed the resident population of possums, so I just nailed welded wire along the length of the board fence as added separation from her (any dog that can kill possums can chew through a board), and continued the wire fencing along the cyclone fencing between me and my next door neighbor. Added protection can't be a bad thing.

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