Wood pallet Palace...sort of

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    Hi all! [​IMG]

    I decided that some plans I purchased on ebay were too much for my little space and the coop itself too small for anything other than chicks for the future (or a turkey possible runner ducks) so I went for wood pallet coop instead.

    Recent experiences using wood pallets as a block from straw stealing chooks as well as their sturdy frames (newer ones) [​IMG] convinced me to give it a go for a large enclosed coop that attached to a run. I work so the chickens will alas only have free range on weekends once I move. While at my parental unit's house they have a very large wandering space as they were very naughty and tore up my lettuce bed. I have a full plans on how long to how wide it will be with only the roof and easy access nestbox to figure out. The whole coop will be off the ground using brick and enclosed with hardwire cloth with the smallest holes I can manage. [​IMG]

    It is the roof (probably shed paneling nailed to the pallets on top...?) that I'm messing with now as well as the nestboxes. I need at least two, four box (have one already) but want them about chest height attached to roofing plywood (sealed with eco-friendly sealer), on a sort of swing door system. Locked from outside, the boxes would swing out to collect the eggs. Each would be on its own door frame or one whole door frame using industrial hinges. [​IMG]

    I am still working on that part as it will be tricking to make it easy for the birds to get into as well as strong enough to handle 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 lbs birds at the same time.

    Busy busy! [​IMG]
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  3. Mommy 2 Wee Ones

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    This is my pallet coop for my 2 Silkies.

    Filled the space between the pallets with hay.

    Used sheets from wooden storage container for the exterior. Only had a jig saw, so even with marking the lines, my cuts were not as straight as I wanted them to be.

    Before I put the plywood on, I covered everything with 4 mil plastic. I shingled it, and the door has yet to be hinged, but above the back door, I nailed hardware cloth for ventilation. Their run is 15 x 14, and if it rains, they can go under the coop if they do not want to go inside.
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    Very neat!! Good job!

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