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Wood prices going up - bought my coop materials today!

Discussion in 'Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance' started by DuginMT, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. DuginMT

    DuginMT Chirping

    Mar 17, 2013
    Billings, MT
    My Coop
    Heard that with the housing "recovery" wood prices were going up. I can believe it. Bought the wood for my coop today and it was right at $400. The hardware and screws were $75. Good quality wood though. The priciest item was the 5/8" A-C plywood for the walls and roof ($38/sheet times 5). Still need to buy paint!

    My coop will be 6' X 8' and only 4' high, but it will be elevated two feet off the ground. We have rattlers and bull snakes here and I am hoping the elevation will help. The roof will be a shed roof with a shallow slope (about 4" fall) across the 6' side. The base will be 2 X 6's set on 4X4 pressure treated posts that will be set 2' into the ground. The floor will be 3/4" CDX plywood and the walls and ceiling 5/8" A-C plywood. I plan to seal the floor so that it doesn't soak up the nasties and be easier to clean. I'll use 2X4's for the framing. Will put a 4' X 4' door in for cleaning, two or three 6' long 2 X 4 perches, and 4 interior nesting boxes about 18" off the floor with an access door from the outside wall. I have some leftover plexiglass that I will use to put in two or three small windows, and some leftover asphalt shingles for the roof. I bought some gutter screen panel that will work great to screen over a couple of vents I plan to install with outside doors that can be closed or partially closed in the winter. After I get it together I plan to prime and paint with exterior paint, barn red I think, like the coop on the farm I grew up on. The whole coop will sit under the deck of our house, so snow load will not be a problem and they will get some shade year round. I plan to build the run partly out into the south yard so they can always get some sun too.

    I am hoping this coop will work good for my 8-12 hens once they grow up. We have 13 chicks right now but I anticipate that at least two will turn out to be roosters.

    Could have went with thinner panels and saved some bucks but wanted panels that would take 1/2" long screws and roofing nails without the tips sticking out the other (interior) side. I will be installing multiple hinges, latches, etc. Hopefully it will turn out to be a very stout coop that will last us for however long we plan to stay here. Putting it all together with screws so will be able to take apart and/or move if necessary.

    I have been looking at similar coops made and finished here in the county for sale, and they range between $900 and $1500. I guess I will be saving about $500 by building it myself!

    Got most of the ideas for my coop off this site. Thanks everybody and keep those tips coming![​IMG]


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