Woods coop - soffit gap and rafters question


Mar 24, 2020
Concord, Massachusetts
I'm building a Woods coop and trying to figure out what do with the soffit (or lack thereof currently) and gap where the rafters meet the walls on the front, the monitor wall, and the back wall of the coop. I've searched threads and seen how people use hardware cloth for the soffit usually, but am worried that this might be too drafty back by the roost or up on the monitor wall with a Woods coop. Basically, is there such thing as too much ventilation in a Woods coop? For those of you with these, is there some different way to handle this or is it the same as with regular coops?
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Ted Brown

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Dec 12, 2018
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The principal of a Woods coop is the creation of an "air cushion" in the back section. Adding openings around the soffit areas will defeat the entire purpose of the design and is a bad move.

I have built a Wood KD 10' by 16' and have one winter of use. I am currently building a second 8' by 12' version. I chose to follow the original and intended construction technique (did not build modern stick frames rather used 2" by 3" frame members around the exterior of each panel). This approach does not create openings at the soffits. In fact, has no soffits simply a 3" overhang around the two roof sections. (PS I know many advocate for a minimum of 12" overhangs as protection from rain, has not been a problem for me.)

I strongly discourage soffit openings unless you have a way to close them during the winter months. The original design more than provides sufficient ventilation based on my experience.


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As another long time Woods owner, I agree with Ted. Don't mess with the design. Block off the gaps with wood. With the front and rear soffits open, you will create quite the wind tunnel in the winter.

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