WooHoo! Eggs!


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7 Years
Sep 29, 2012
northern Virginia
After getting hatching eggs shipped (post office loses box for 2 days), having a hurricane come through while they were incubating (please don't let the power go out!) hatching (two stuck in shell, but we 'helped' and they came out fine), raising (7 out of 10 are roosters! ahh!), building new facilities to deal with foxes (down to 3 roos now), and waiting, feeding, waiting, laughing, waiting, I have eggs! The girls are laying beautiful blue and green and khaki eggs!

Oddly enough, I now have the same number of eggs I originally ordered to hatch. Only now it has been 6 months and I have spent more money than would be good for my mental health to add up.

Even more oddly, I am not just willing, but wanting, to do it again. Oh chickens.

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