WOOHOOO!! First Egg!

Woo hoo! Isn't it grand!

What color is it? That should be a clue as to who laid it. Do you have a pic?
Yeah I posted the link to the photo. It's light brown. My Marans hangs out in the spot I found it, but it's not the right color for her.
The easter egger should lay green eggs, the maran dark eggs, so it was probably your Lavender Orpington!
Oops! I didn't even see the link. It's beautiful and perfect!
From what I have read, I think Marans lay light brown eggs that get a darker brown as the birds mature and lay more. Someone correct me if I am wrong. It might be the Maran?
Congratulations! I got my first egg yesterday, then two today. It's worth the work and wait isn't it? Fun stuff and tasty too!
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