Wooo--oooh Got My 1st Egg Today!!! :-) Edible???


9 Years
Sep 18, 2010
Really strange my 2 pullets are nearly 7 month old, and today whilst out free ranging one of them layed an egg at the top of our garden steps, really excited!!

Is the 1st egg safe to eat as a remember reading somewhere that you should not eat either first egg, or the first weeks worth of eggs???

Can anyone answer this.

Many Thanks
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heck no fry that sucker up and enjoy

the only time most folks dont use first eggs is for incubating--the pullet eggs are much smaller and less likely to be the "best" choice for hatching
Also, after worming or on meds-10-14 day time frame where it is heavily suggested not to eat or sell or incubate

I have no idea where the saying of "don't eat your chickens' first eggs" came from, but I'd like to smack the person that started it.
Cook up that egg and enjoy- it'll be delicious!
Yup eat it. I have to agree with the other posters, the first one tastes the best and is the most expensive. I figure my first egg cost $2000 but the rest are free!
Congrats on the first egg! So exciting!
And dont forget to take photos. Post them up here. We've all done it. That first egg is the most amazing. & tastes the best!
Congrats! I have found that each of my girls 1st eggs containes a small blood spot.....I just scooped it out with a spoon before cooking. Absolutlely delicious.....NEVER GOING BACK!!!!

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