Woosters toe?


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Feb 15, 2012
Nashville, Indiana
Mr Wooster ...
(My black sex link hen, that isnt a hen, but a very sweet large boy LOL Someone at McMurray messed up!)
He started crowing last week, which is so awesome.. lol love that boy! I pick him up off the roost each evening after he has his girls lined out, and we sit on the porch swing and he snoozes in my lap and gets his waddles massaged HAHA Anyway - last night he sat in my lap for an hour, and then got up and went on back to his girls and roost, all was well. This morning, he is limping, not using one of his feet much.I checked him and the flock over, no injuries - Im thinking maybe he hopped on it wrong and broke a toe? his long middle toe is a little swollen and feels "crunchy" if I move it back and forth. He didnt act like it hurt when i moved it at first then he squirmed a little. when i put him down he hobbled off and found him a spot to sit in the shade.
Should I just leave it be?
For right now I would leave it be. He might have a sprain from landing on it wrong. Chickens heal remarkably fact. Even if a toe was broken it couldn't be set. I'm sure he will be fine.
I don't really have any advice but had to share that I have a rooster named Wooster, too :) I swore I wouldn't name him but he is such a gentleman that he's here to stay.

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