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Just kind of curious if your work/job (outside of farming) has a Work Holiday Party??

Our work has one every year right before Christmas. Not to bad of a gig. Cost's $35 for a couple to get in. With that you get a dinner buffet (this year was a salad, dinner rolls, prime rib, ham, chicken, mashed taters, stuffing, and mixed veggies- dessert was peach cobbler), 4 drink tickets (for alcohol; 2 per ticket), and 2 door prize tickets. Door prizes given away are usually really good and plentiful (this year there wasn't many given out); usually 5 or 6 gift packages of alcohol, the pre-made baskets (from Walmart and Costco) of lotions, the Christmas packs of candies, soups, things like that. This year they had a huge remote control truck that my DH won. (So now my DH wants to buy 2 more ones that are similar to that one and put bigger rubber tires on them- so when the grandboys come up they can play with them with out getting into fights with each other). The last past 2 years I won a door prize, nadda this year. The first time I won a bottle of tequila and margarita glasses, last year it was a bottle of Gray Goose with crackers and cheese. They also sell tickets for big items like Ipads, TVs, Kindles, Xbox with Connect, Visa Gift cards, and a park hopper pass for California Dinsey Land. Those tickets are 3 for $5. We bought $100 of tickets and didn't win any thing. Oh well there is always next year!!! Any one else have parties like this??
Yup! usually the last friday before christmas is my works. It costs nothing to get in. We have it right out in the back of the work shop and close at half a day that friday and party is the rest of the day. We have it catered by Cody's Roadhouse and then the owner buys cookies and brownies for dessert. We are allowed to bring up to 3 people as well and all are free. As for door prizes we dont buy tickets. Everyone that works here gets their name put on the back of a ticket and that is how ours are picked. They gave out around 15-20 envelopes with $50 in it and 15 gift cards for $50 after that and then the more expensive things after. There was 2 web cams, 2 under water digital camers, a kindle, 22in flat screen tv, And a few others i cant think of. I won the kindle this year. Drinking usually dosent start till after food and door prizes are over because people bring their families and small children and after they leave they usually break out the kegs and other liquor and play poker and gamble most of the night lol.
My DH's co took everyone (+spouses) to a nice resturant with full bar (only 10 people in the company). It was a nice dinner.

My co, provided a catered lunch (200 people). For 12 days before christmas they drew names every day, so a total of 12 got 50$ gift cards (I got one and since it was for wally world
I gave it to my DSD), 12 got large gifts, kindle, video camera, tvs, ipads.... then maybe 20 people a day got 25$ gift cards. (basically everyone got something). Then at the lunch everyones names go back in the box and they gave away about 8 ipads and another 50 gift cards (I got another 50$ card, amex). Plus the department I am in had their own party, everyone brought something in to eat and we had a white elephant exchange... it was fun cause some of the gifts are silly (I got spiderman bath set, that someone else will get next year!)... and I feel like a fat pig for all the eating I've done! UGH!! But it was so good!
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Featherfinder- that is very cool that your company pays for everything. I think that is how it should be; as long as the company can afford it. Our work has an adult party for 21+ since there is alcohol. They also have a childrens party- in which they usually have pizza delivered and some one plays Santa. All the kids get a $20 or $25 gift provided by the company. I know the parents pay $ for each child; but Im not sure how much their party is.

This year our party was at Luke AFB. We had the place reserved until midnight. After that lights out and your are kicked out. It would be nice if ours was out back and we could do stay for awhile.
I just work for a small family owned areo space company. So everything is family here and thats they way they try to keep it. So its families first and then adults later lol.

I go to my mom's every year and she works for a big factory. Bryers icecream actually. And they have it banquet masters and they pay $20 and when they show up for the party they get it back. So the company does pay for everything. We are served a nice dinner and all get 2 drink tickets. Soda is always free. There door prizes are better to. Like ipads and huge flat screens and everything else. Its also formal.
Nope, none for us. Startup company. We had one the first year and it was great. Did go through some layoffs this year so the rest of us is just happy to have a job right now, or 4 so to speak.
I work for an environmental laboratory. Chistmas party right before Christmas. $20 Walmart gift card just for showing up. Draw for door prizes, includes Kindle, restaurant gift cards, Cash. Then a drawing for 2 46 inch flat screen TV's. Good dinner and drinks. Christmas bonuses go out that day too.

There is also a summer party in July. they rent out a local park with swimming pool...bring the whole family. Lots of prizes there too. Big Barbecue. Summer bonus.

For Thanksgiving everyone gets a ~20lb turkey and for Christmas a ~15lb ham.

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