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    I'm at that cross road in life right now (at 29, can you believe it?? [​IMG] ). DH and I have talked about starting a family as early as January, but I really want to be able to stay home or do something from home. We live in such an expensive area that it's impossible for us to live off one income.
    I'm not looking for something right this second (I mean, it would be nice, but I'm being reasonable) but I'd like to hear what you stay at home moms do for extra money. I'm tossing around everything from data entry, to making and selling my own ::fill in the blank:: to becoming a Pampered Chef/Avon/Mary Kay/whatever direct seller.
    I want to be able to raise a child without doing the 9-5 grind. It's stressful enough for me to work for someone else as it is!
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    Aug 26, 2007
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    Try Quixtar. My stepmom does it. Go to and read about it. I really don't know that much about it but you could still try it. Or you could raise chickens. [​IMG]
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    Try Bank of America....

    I work for them and have been a telecommuter for over 2 yrs now. It's been the best thing ever!

    I get so much more done, and best of all, I'm home in the afternoon when my kids get off the bus, and don't have to pay for childcare anymore - NOR do I have to stress over fighting traffic home and being late to get them etc. I haven't had to take any time off for them being sick since working from home either.

    Many large companies now have programs for telecommuters - they save money on rent and it keeps their employees happy too!

    If you have any skills in the computer arena, telecommuting is often a very good match!

    Good luck to you! I hope you find just the thing!

  4. I sell Mary Kay.

    It works out great I book my parties when my DH is home or when my mom can watch the kids.

    Now they are all in school so I have lunchtime parties.

    I am also finishing up my online classes for Real Estate Appraisal. That is a good job because I can plan my day around the kid's school and I can also work from home with it as well.
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    Apr 16, 2007
    I think it's beautiful that you decided to try and have a child. I would suggest soap making since that's what I do from home but I doubt I could do it with kids. Whatever you do I hope that you and your DH are happy and I'm sure you'll have a beautiful baby. I don't think me and DH can have any kids since we're going on 27 months with no luck. Charish the child that God gives you and you'll be happy.
  6. I agree with Southern. Soap making is really hard to do with a child around.

    You are so lucky Southern to have a seperate building to make your soap in!!!
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    Quote:When you talk about that, I want to cry! [​IMG] My cousin had cancer removed from her uterus last year (she's 25) but thankfully, even though the doctors said it was impossible, she was able to concieve. She lost it at 8 weeks but the doctor is now saying that her chances of becoming a mom are very high now. I was thisclose to offering to be a serrogate. I would still do it for her if the need arose.
    Have you talked to a doctor about this? You're both young and in good health so it shouldn't take more than a year. HUGS to you, girl... I'll be praying for you!
    And there's no way I'd be able to do soap with a kid around. My mom has that soap stuff all over the place and she spends hours and hours doing who knows what. But maybe it would be worth a try? There is a farmers market a couple times a week I could try to sell it at...

    Arlee- Can you give me more info on telecommuting (if that's even a word!)?
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    near Charlotte NC
    Yep - telecommuting is a word...

    Basically I have a laptop provided by the company. I use my high speed internet connection and the security access provided by the company on the laptop to log into the company network across the internet.

    The way my setup works, it's just a quick as if I were in the office most of the time, unless it's bad weather somewhere and the system gets overloaded by people who aren't full time work-at-homers.

    I was basically a one-person office anyway when I had a 'real' office uptown - all my close co-workers who i communicate with on a daily basis are in other cities anyway, so all my correspondence is via email, IM or phone.

    And, I do report writing and project management so about 99%+ of the work I produce is done on the PC anyway.

    I have worked for the bank for almost 14 yrs. It's been a real blessing to be able to work from home for the last 2!

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    Trisha, the doctor told me about 5 months after I got married that I would probably never be able to conceive and if i did it would take a lot of money and heartache. Well long story short we were married almost five years when I became pregnant and I now have a beautiful 2 year old. God knows when you are ready!!
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  10. I don't think me and DH can have any kids since we're going on 27 months with no luck.

    Don't give up!! Like my Grandma told me once when I was stressed "It always happens when you least expect it" We just stopped dwelling on it and now we have three children.

    I think all of the stress we were putting onto ourselves was not helping either. Listen to my Grandma she knows!! She had 9 kids!!​

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