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13 Years
Jun 11, 2009
so after working for my company (airline) for 11 years this month i was on a night shift at work starting at 6pm-midnight. now they have made it at 4pm-midnight, (i cant come in that early, no sitter, and my son doesnt get out of school till 3pm. so i am forced to go onto a different shift a 415am-1045am shift. i am so nervous. i have worked the late night shift for 4 years and ugh!! flying these days and passengers etc. needless to say, i wonder if my chickens will be okay when i dont let them out of the main coop to their run till when i get home about 11 30 or so? your thoughts?
my husband will be taking our 2 small kids to his fathers and has to leave a bit after 7am, I thought that would be too earlier for the chickens? thoughts are appriciated!!!

ugh to life and ugh to having to work
I'd let them into the run at 7am as long as the run is reasonsbly predator proof. Some nocturnal predators are still fairly active in the early am. so it depends on how secure the run is and what's around to threaten.
our run i think is pretty safe. I am just worried they will think i have forgetten them?

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