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Here is the link to the video of my presentation to the Whitewater, WI Plan and Architectural Commission regarding amending the city ordinance to allow backyard chickens.

Ordinance is still in limbo, but it appears we have some support from the Plan Commission. Most recent draft of the ordinance that will be presented to the city Plan Commission is actually a great start (6 hens, no roosters, 5 foot set backs, etc). It still needs recommendation to the City Council then 2 readings at Council, so a long way to go.

All my supporting documents can be found on the Whitewater Plan Commission Agenda from Oct 8th (found on City of Whitewater web page under Plan Commission).

I provided (1) a listing summaries of ordinances from local areas and representative areas with permissive chicken ordinances, (2) the Jamie Bouvier Environmental Law Reporter publication (all 50 some pages with 300 some references) on backyard chicken ordinances (3) a model ordinance suggested for our community, (4) an article of support from local poultry scientist, (5) a publication on Poultry in Urban Areas from UW-Madison Cooperative extension (available to purchase from UW Extension along with a couple other poultry articles, and (6) an item from Life magazine from 1965 relating to a famous chicken of sorts in our community (nostalgia item).

The video of presentation and ensuing discussion starts just after 25 minutes into the meeting so you can skip ahead there. I was reasonably pleased with how it went, although I was under a good bit of duress from a recent family illness issue, so my mind wasn't in the room at the time.

I had already given a preliminary discussion to the Commission the previous month outlining some of the benefits of having chickens and reasons not to fear them (although at least 1 committee member was not present).

But, FWIW, here is the video of initial presentation (starts at 25:30-ish into video).

City of Whitewater - Plan Commission Meeting 10/08/2012
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