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    May 10, 2010
    I'm curious to hear what your record holding chicks hatching times are.

    What do I mean? First, what is the quickest you've ever seen from pip to hatch?

    What is the LONGEST you've ever seen from pip to successful hatch?

    I have to admit part of this is because I'm a bit concerned. One of my chicks pipped 30 or so hours ago, and isn't out, and hasn't made progress in a long time. 4 hours ago, I zipped some of the shell away, leaving the membrane intact. I then tried to work with the membrane a bit, and got a drop of blood, so I immediately stopped and put the egg back in the bator.

    Chick's still in there and alive, but seems completely disinclined to get out. I feel like I dodged a bullet when I got the single drop of blood, and nothing else happened, so I'm scared to mess with it any more.

    So, success stories of slow-to-hatch chicks would be fun.

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