Worm Hen With Chicks


8 Years
Mar 20, 2011
I am worming my flock, can I worm my 2 hens that have chicks? the chicks are 3 weeks and 2 weeks old. I used Eprinex, do I have to worm again in 10 days? I also did see lice
on the rooster, I know eprinex will take cae of them but should I dust them with a poultry powder in 10 days? This is the first time I am worming my flock, they are 1-2 years old
Yes, you can worm your 2 hens with eprinex. Dont worm the chicks. Yes, reworm in 10 days. Use eprinex on your rooster for worming and lice as well, repeat in 10 days. You will not need to dust your chickens unless the eprinex is ineffective after their second worming. You will need to dust inside their house, nests and roosts and repeat dusting in 10 days to kill lice or mites that have hatched since the first dusting. Visually inspect the chicks for lice. If you see any on them, gently rub sevin dust on the chicks avoiding their nostrils, eyes and mouth, repeat in 10 days.

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