Worm In Egg?!


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Jan 7, 2009
HI, I heard that if a chicken is infested with worms, you can find a worm in the egg that the hen produces is this true?!

How often do you worm chickens and how do you know if they are infested??

sorry for the "newbie" questions.
I wouldn't worm unless they have worms. You should be able to see the worms in the poop. As for seeing worms in the eggs, I've never heard of that happening.
You can, but it's quite rare.

Our organic co-op sells hundreds of millions of eggs per year. Customer service took a call one day from a customer complaining about a worm in an egg. Our staff poultry science specialists felt that was impossible since the the gastro-intestinal tract where the worms live is separate from the reproductive tract. After doing some research they changed their tune a little as they found it was possible, but fairly rare.
Oh wow......not a lot grosses me out, but a worm in an egg like that? That would do it. LOL

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