wormer and dosage for two hens?

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    I have a bantam cochin and a frizzle. The cochin came to me almost a year ago, only a couple mo. old with two other birds. They all had very bad roundworm infestation which I did not figure out until too late. I noticed the large worms in their stool and treated them with pyrantel, which did not do the trick. A couple mo. later they had very tiny almost unnoticable worms is their stools- 2 of the 3 became ill at the same time even with a vet visit and antibiotics/wormer 2 of the 3 had passed away. I treated the remaining bird with piperazine, and later panacur hoping that she is now worm free. However she is still thin. I would like to treat her again just to be safe. I have taken in a cochin frizzle and would like to treat her also in case she has been exposed thru the other hen's droppings.

    I would like to know what i can go buy at the tractor supply that will not be a waste as I have just two light weight brids to treat....

    Also, I am sure the ground is now contaminated. So what can i do to the ground, and how often should I treat the birds?
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    the best wormer out there now Is Valbazen I believe it's a wormer for sheep, but is very safe for chickens. I will kill slowly over a few days all worms and thats what you want to do so not to make your chickens sick with worm overload. you can buy it at Tractor supply and also order online one place is Jeffers. then after worming them give them some probiotics for at least 3 days to help get their guts back in shape.
    the best is quality plain yogurt, butter milk and kefir.. to put back the weight they have lost try giving them scrambled eggs. lean meat. oatmeal, etc.. besides their reg. feed. Sorry not sure what you would do to treat the ground hopefully someone else can give advise..When you buy this Valbazen be sure to look for expiration date so that you can continue to use this product on a regular schedule Depending on where you live. I live in mid south in the Mtns. and I will worm spring summer and fall.
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    i use one that i put in there food it's very save and there is waiting period for eating the eggs maybe after you get rid off them you could try something like that i found it on it on this site mypetchicken.com it called wormguard plus it works great
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    ok, i will look for both of those wormers..

    ..i prefer to treat them by mouth so i know they are recieving adequate dosages...hopefully the labeling on the sheep meds have a decent dosage breakdown for very small pets, as it is meant for large animals.... my birds are only 2-3lbs each!

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