Wormer and mite and louse salve you can make at home

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    After a few request I have decided to let yall in on a secret thats been in our family for years with great results. To make your own wormer you will need the following: A can of RED DEVIL LYE [you may have to get this from a plumber, as it has be come illegal to sell over the counter in some states because the meth heads use it] 2- A bag of whole oats 3- a five gallon bucket.
    fill 5 gallon bucket 1\2 full of oats
    -take and put 1 tablespoon of lye to a gallon of water and cover the oats with the mixture. Usually about three gallons of water.
    -stir up the mixture and cover the bucket and let it sit for three days. The oats will absorb the water and swell up. Dont pay any attention to the smell, the chickens will love it.
    -withold feed for one feeding and feed each fowl a vienna sausage can full of the mixture. Repeat this process monthly. The fowl love it especially in the summer.I FEED SOAKED OATS ONCE A WEEK IN THE SUMMER MONTHS AND ADD THE LYE ONCE A MONTH. This has proven a effective method for 40 years. It worms the fowl without the side effects of normal worm medication. We also keep a teaspoon of clorox per gallon of water in our waterers at all times
    This is so simple, and works so well. Go to the dollar store and purchase a large container of petroleum jelly[non-medicated]
    2- buy 5%sevin dust at your local hardware.
    3-melt the petroleum jelly in a boiler on the stove. When it becomes liquid, add the sevin dust and stir well. Remove heat and it will return to its salve form
    4-apply to fowl under wings at the joints, around the anus area, around the oiler at the base of the tail.
    Hope this helps! THE REBEL SOLDIER
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  2. I'll have to try this! I already use Seven, but one hen isn't quire getting it.

    Thanks for this info!
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    Thanks for the tip but the Sevin how much do you add ?.

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