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Jun 3, 2020
Hi, we have Safeguard fo worm our nine girls. Yesterday we tried to give it to them in bread, only three took it, six wouldn’t even look at the bread. Today planning on putting it in the waterer. Do we adjust the 3cc per gallon dose for the number of chickens? So, I was giving 1/2cc per hen, should I put 4.5cc in a gallon and a half of water? Thanks!
SafeGuard or fenbendazole is not soluble in water and will settle out. Normally, it is given orally 1/4 ml per pound once and in 10 days for roundworms. To treat for all worms except tapeworms, it is given for 5 straight days.

There is an expensive version of SafeGard called SG aquasol that is water soluble. It is under $300 online.

Mixing it into wet food might work, if you can get the right dose in each chicken.
Thanks for the replies. We have been giving it orally, six hens have to be held and force open their beaks. I’m afraid I might hurt them doing this, or push the med into their trachea. The three that will eat bread are much easier. I was hoping for a way that was less traumatic for all of us.
You will not hurt them doing it, but if you aren't comfortable doing it, that's okay. :hugs I suggest you de-worm them by feeding them a mash. If your 9 girls are average sized laying hens I suggest you make a mash with the medication in it.

  • Set aside the amount of pellets or crumble they eat in a day
  • Mix 10 ml of Safeguard in 1 cup of warm water and stir well
  • Add water to the crumbles until it's wet enough that you can make balls of it
  • Add the one cup of medicated water and stir well
  • Add more warm water and stir well.
Do this five days in a row.
Welcome to BYC, what worms do you want to treat?

it's not water soluble, and even if it were, that is not enough

that amount *might* treat large roundworms, but will not treat other types of worms.

I spent the better part of Monday trying to determine the type of worm. I feel pretty sure it’s NOT tapeworm. Other than that, idk. They don’t look big enough to be roundworms, and I can only see them in the liquid part of the poo. They are visible to the naked eye, maybe 1/2 in long, thin white worms. And gross, they’re gross.

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