Wormers? Vaccines?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by olbupp, Jul 9, 2016.

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    I have 3 Silver Laced Wyndottes that are 2 years old. Received them from a local breeder and started them on medicated chick feed until 18 weeks old then switched to Layer Feed. They also get oyster shell and grit free range and they are moved daily in a chicken tractor and are directly on the grass/ground. After a dog attack, (which is an amazing survival story that I documented here) I rarely let them free-range unless we are outside.

    Recently my neighbors brought their five 12-14 week old chicks over to live in our original chicken tractor. Something had found their coop which I knew was not secure. They lost 3 before I suggested they use my original tractor. I have tried to steer these folks in the right direction, but they grew up in the country and knew what they were doing....(hummmmm).....to which I told the granddaughter that unless you feed and care for them properly they will die like the others you had that never laid the first egg before dying. So, now I have the girls and am questioning things....ie, I KNOW they did not give medicated chick feed to them. Maybe in the first, but not in the last 1 1/2 months. They ran out of feed and granddad was feeding wild bird food. That was probably fine in the old days with free ranging, but these guys were in a coop contained.

    Now that I have some control over the situation, and also due to the proximity of my own birds, do I need to be doing something to correct for any of this.

    Also, I have never wormed, vaccinated my birds and think their poo looks healthy - as they also look healthy (but hot from heat right now!).

    Also, can I spray the hens with water to cool them down. Hubby did it one afternoon and he said they went from panting to scratching around with their mouths closed.


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    I have never vaccinated or wormed my birds either and never will. I also don't feed medicated feed because I don't have troubles with cocidiosis. Bird seed is a treat not a good diet, but won't kill them. I would get them eating a good chick grower and keep them on it for a good while. I wouldn't worry too much unless they look sick.

    You can wet down the ground for them, but I wouldn't spray them unless you have a mist setting on your sprayer. A good hole in the ground in the shade is where my birds go when they are hot.
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    If the chicks are already 'teenagers' I'd think that avoiding coccidiosis would be more a matter of hygiene and not letting the coop get warm, damp, and full of poo.

    I've misted the ground for mine when it's hot and the ground is baked. I won't spray them directly but I do have a couple weirdos that like to play in the sprinkler I'll put out for the ducks. [​IMG]

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