Worming chickens-how and what?

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    May 15, 2009
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    I have a flock of 17 (down from 18-my dog got one yesterday), and am thinking my older girls are looking pretty thin. What/how do you worm chickens? Does it go in their food or water? Are their eggs edible while being dewormed? How long do you give them the meds? Being a beginner, I just want to get them healthy and fattened up for winter...

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    There are a wide array of water based wormers out there. The best , I think, is SafeGuard, most Tractor Supplies have it, or Jeffer's.com has it if you dont have one. Get the drench version and put it in the drinking water, 3cc to a gallon. All wormers do have withdrwal times for slaughter or eggs consumption, usually 1-2 weeks. Also many with kill fertility for a week or 2 so be sure to do it before breeding season and after in the fall.

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