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    Feb 21, 2007
    Grenada, MS
    I have had my roo and hen for about 2 mo. now and I have new baby chicks that are 5 days old. Today, I went out to check on the hen that is sitting on some eggs. I always notice big poops from where she is coming down and eating. Well today, I saw a long worm in one of them. I could not really tell if it was her poop but there was another poop that also looked to have some typy of worm in it. What do I use to worm them. I really had not thought about worming yet but we live in the south and I guess that is a pretty necessary thing here. I have goats and I assume these can be transferred to them, so I want to treat this right away. I use Ivomec for my goats, can that be used on chickens? They are bantams. Do I use it orally? Help. Thanks.

  2. mudhen

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    Jan 15, 2007
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    Read about Ditanomous Earth, I think it is widely used for taking care of parasites and other baddies.

    Here is some info I've read:

    For pets and livestock, food grade DE is used to control internal and external parasites. Mix it in dry animal feed for internal parasite control. The suggested mixing rate is 2% of the total weight of the dry ration (one pound per 50 pounds of livestock feed). For external parasites, lightly dust or rub it onto the animal.

    Along with controlling parasites, long-term users of DE believe that it also stimulates basic metabolism, converts feed better, results in better coat and hoof condition, reduces annual vet bills and reduces animal stress.

    DE can be also used to control cockroaches, slugs, aphids, earwigs, silverfish, ants, adult flea beetles, lice, mites, and many other insects. Sprinkle it in the garden, on the grass, and around the foundation of your house. Use inside on pantry shelves, under sinks, closets, on rugs, and in corners and crevices.
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    Quote:Or just put it in their dust bath area with the sand and they'll do the work for you! [​IMG]
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    That sounds great. I just have to find it now. I don't think having it shipped will be cost prohibitive?? But I will check into that. Thanks.

  5. Grace Boyer

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    If it's internal parasites, try Wazine 17 you she be able to get it locally at Tractor Supply, maybe Southern States.We get it at the hardware store.
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    If your looking for DE try using yahoo and search Perma Guard Diatomaceous Earth Products There are three sites one is in New Mexico and one is in Arkansas They sell it in 5 lb boxes as well as 50lb bags Shipping shouldn't be t bad if your in MIssissippi

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