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Oct 14, 2010
I need advice on worming chickens. They have never been wormed but I found a dropping that looked like it had a mass of worms in it and some red material like a blood clot or something. I have no idea which chicken it came from as I have about 35 chickens. They are free range. I bought the Wazine 17 but it says not to use on chickens producing eggs for human consumption. I have read many post on here that say it's OK, but don't eat the eggs for 14 days. My chickens seem to be thinner than in the past so I may have a worm infestation going on here. Also, I have 5 dogs that just love to eat chicken poo. Can they get worms from eating the poo? I'm guessing that's a yes. Any advice would be very welcome at this point.
Hi there and welcome, we use flubenvet here in the UK.. We can get layers pellets that contain flubenvet wormer..
You are probably dealing with round worms. If it is first time worming I would do the wazine and in 10 days follow up with valbazen which is a broader spectrum dewormer. I wouldn't eat the eggs until 2 weeks after the valbazen. If your dogs get a monthly heart worm pill check what exactly it eliminates. I use iverhart, which I think is the same as interceptor and they also deal with round worms. Hope this helps a little.
Thank you for your help. I just cleaned out the coop really well and put down new hay. I went ahead and used the Wazine 17, 1 ounce per gallon of water. I hope this works. I'll call the vet and get worm pills for the dogs just in case.
I personally do not use Wazine.... it only, only kills roundworms and chickens get several types of worms. If you are seeing tapeworm segments, like white rice, Wazine will not kill tapeworms. And, since it specifically says on the label NOT to give it to laying chickens ... egg laying chickens for egg production... I think it is too little results for too much risk... just my opinion.

Do a Search here on BYC.. Search topics such as -- "worming", "worming with Valbazen", "giving oral medications", "treating for tapeworms", "egg withholding while worming", and.... if you put in "Normal poop" you will find links to websites that show you pictures of what is normal and what is not normal in chicken poop. Some little round blood "cells" are a normal thing in chicken poop. And, there are a variety of normal poops for chickens.

Valbazen is a safe first wormer.. it kills all types of worms... for all the "regular types" you will worm twice with it..

1/2 cc / ml per Standard size chicken... and, 1/4 cc / ml per bantam or small chicken.. and, I think if you have any "Giant" chickens, you would give more.. like 3/4 cc / ml --

You can get Valbazen at most feed stores, it is not cheap and is not labeled for chickens, and you will also need some syringes, a couple... no needles
Withhold eggs from day one of worming... do not eat eggs or chickens being wormed....

REPEAT with Valbazen ten days after first dose... continue to withhold eggs for another 14 days... safe to eat eggs on 15th day after second dose or 25th day from first dose...

Now, the catch is.. if your chickens have tapeworms... if you see tapeworm segments (like white rice.. if you catch the right when they poop, see it immediately, they will move for a few seconds)... yucky.
Tapeworms take additional treatments and poopwatching is the key... watch the poop closely... follow around some of the chickens after the second dose.. say five or so days after... up to just before you would give a third dose -- check the poop -- if you see tapeworm segments.. you would need to dose a third... and maybe even a forth time.. every ten days... and still withhold eggs for the duration and until the 15th day after the last dose of wormer.

If you search and read up on worming, look for posts by dawg53... more recent posts, the posts in more recent years.. not from many years ago... we all learn as we go along and experience.

If you are not in the US, wormers are different. If you have trouble getting a wormer.... you can order from jefferslivestock.com -- but, check at the feedstore and don't ask for "chicken wormer", ask for Valbazen by name, and some syringes so as to give the correct dosage to each chicken, orally, individually.

Oh, and chickens get worms from the bugs and worms they eat.. my dogs eat chicken poop AND MY CHICKENS EAT THE DOG POOP!! I have been told this does not cause either one to get worms from the other... My cat gets worms from the animals (mice, birds, etc.) she kills and eats. I believe it has to be a living host to carry the worms.. worm eggs.

Also.. check all your chickens for mites and lice regularly... Sevin Dust on the chickens, clean coop, nests, roosts.. and give a light dusting to those as well. Prevention, now and then... treatment, repeat in ten days also.. eggs hatch from mites as well as from worms. Important to repeat treatments.

If you used Wazine already... use the Valbazen ten days after... and watch the poop ... you may need to use the Valbazen a second time. (or more if they have tapeworms). Another problem with Wazine is ... how much did each chicken get? Was it enough? Did they drink ALL the medicated water? Dosing orally, individually might be a little scary the first time or two, but it's very precise and you are sure who got what and how much? Also, sick birds often will not eat or drink, so any that are feeling bad might not have gotten any wormer in the water, or little.

Take care.. good luck.

Good luck.
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Search and learn, but in a nutshell, use the wazine first especially if you think it's bad. You don't want any blockages forming from too many worms dying in the intestinal tract. I did Wazine, then fenben (SafeGuard). Good luck!

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