Worming goats with ivermectin - can I feed the milk to my chickens?

The Egg Bandit

10 Years
Jan 8, 2010
Hi y'all. I'm going to be worming my heavy milkers today with ivermectin. I hate to waste all that milk, but they are losing condition and I have to worm them now. Can I give this milk to my chickens and still eat their eggs? I'm gonna post this on BackYardHerds too, but I'd love y'all's input. Thanks!
I wouldn't worry about it. The amount that would be in the eggs is neglible. And what is the worst that could happen to you if you ate the eggs? You'd get wormed. Maybe.
Thanks all! I probably could use a good worming myself after being around all these critters.

I'm more concerned about my customers, actually.

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