Worming Goats

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I just wormed my girls (one in milk, one about to kid), with IverCare. It's a paste form of Ivermectin. Here is what fiascofarm says about it:

Family: Avermectin
Treatment & Control of: Lungworms, gastrointestinal roundworms, larvae, lice, mange mites & cattle grubs. External parasites.

Goat dose: Oral
1 ml per 50 pounds- given orally.
Some people are now using 1cc per 34 lbs with good success. This is 3X the label dose.

Milk withholding time:
In the US: 36 days
In the UK: 14 days

My personal withholding time: 4 days
Why is my personal withdraw so much shorter? Ivomec is used on humans in third world countries. The withdrawal times given on the package is set by the FDA after testing on cows (the use of Ivomec in goats is "extra label"- it has not been tested on goats) and it is said that after the regulated number of days there are no traces at all of drug left in the (cow) milk. You can see the in the UK, where the drug has been tested on goats, the withdrawal is shorter than in the US. Here on our farm, the milk I milk from our goats is consumed by only two people, me and my husband (both adults). I personally am not concerned about the very small traces of wormer that may be in the milk after four days, since I know the wormer is safe to use on humans anyway. This why my person withdrawal is four days. I drank this 4 day withdrawal milk for many years with no ill effect until I switch the using my Herbal Worm Formula. It is up to you to make your own choice about how long you decide to withhold the milk.
Ivermectin is safe for all classes of goats-including pregnant does and kids.

Milk withdrawl isn't established in goats, but I would give it a couple weeks and go on about your business.

It's highly unlikely ivermectin would harm you anyway. It's what they use to worm people with in underdeveloped countries.
Herbal Worm formula? That's what I am looking for-some sort of natural product that will get rid of any parasites while still not putting drugs into the goat or milk. The organic approach.

I just got my goats and have been reading with interest about copper bolus--does that target parasites at all?

Do the goat experts here treat on a regular schedule for parasites, assuming they will always be in the environment, or do you look for them in the manure?

I hope I'm not hijacking here, but it seems these questions fit in with the original one:)
I have read that pine needles are a natrual wormer. My goats love it too. If I pull up to the pasture with pine in the back of the truck they come a running! I have no idea if this could affect the taste of the milk. DE is a natural dewormer, and you can get plenty of info on this website about DE.

Herbal dewormers do not work.

I'm seconding Ksacres. That is what we do. We use the milk we can't consume ourselves as bottle baby milk (label it, freeze it, you'll eventually need it).
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