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Since I have only 2 girls right now, they are getting Panacur liquid in an eye dropper once a day for 5 days. The vet checked their poo and did not find anything. One of my girls was feeling under the weather so I took her to the vet since I don't have a clue about chicken illnesses. We are deworming just in case.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure we don't use the eggs when treating the hens, but I was wondering how long after the treatment I have to wait until it will be safe to eat the eggs again.
Also, a new observation today.... As I am learning more and more about chickens, I find it amazing how much food they will eat when you give them treats. Since I had to pick them up to give them their meds, I noticed how full their crops were. I had no idea! How much can they hold safely????? I do not want to make them have any kind of problem in their crops by giving them too much. Their crops seemed huge and they were still looking for more! It almost seems like these little birds can eat as much as I do! Not quite, but I think I'm in the ballpark figuratively speaking. The really funny thing is that the vet said the red was a little on the skinny side. Who would have thought the way I feed her. I figure, I bring out a plate of treats when I go out to take care of their needs when I get home from work. Then take the plate away when they have had their fill......but nooooooo.....these girls can eat like they have never been fed before! Just a curious observation that some imput from others might help me make some better choices in their eating habbits.

Just for fun, I am playing with the new features here...... a pic of my girls.
The withdrawal period for panacur is 14 days after last day of use, toss the eggs in the garbage.
Chickens are walking stomachs, but they know when enough is enough. Ease off on the treats, if they are over 20-22 weeks old, they should only be fed 16-18% layer feed. I give my birds scratch only once a week if that.

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