Worming my pheasants


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Mar 20, 2012
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Sorry with redundancy of another post on worming your birds, but I had a couple specific questions that I didn't see in any other posts. I have raised birds before, but this is my first year raising pheasants (Ringnecked trio), and in turn is my first time raising birds on the ground; all others have been raised on wire.

I have never wormed them before, and they were hatched in May of this year. So I am assuming this is the correct time of year to do it?

Does Food Grade Diametacious Earth added to their food deworm them ( Just wondering because I currently have some)? Or is that only for parasites?
--- If not, I would prefer to get something that can be added to their water, I don't want to attempt . to give it to them in a needle, because I don't see that working out too easily.

The 2 main feed stores I have in my area are Southern States and Tractor Supply Co.. Is there a brand carried at one of these 2 locations that you would recommend? I am only in need of treating 3 Ringnecks, so preferably something that comes in a smaller container.

Thanks in advance for any input.
I was at tractor supply today and and a guy at the store, who didnt seem to know too much, reccomended Wazine 17 to me after he went and asked someone else so I went ahead and got it. When looking at the bottle, it says its designed for Chickens, Turkeys, and Swine, but doesnt say anything about gamebirds.

Is this fine to use for my pheasants? If so, how much should I use for a 1 gallon waterer? And I believe I only leave this in their water for one day and then rinse and put clean water back in it?
Well a turkey is a gamebird actually...but yes it will work for pheasants, but it only kills round worms & nodular worms... so its not a very good wormer. The absolute best is Ivomec http://www.tractorsupply.com/livest...eZip=27019&ddkey=http:LocationBasedPricingCmd
Just draw out 3cc with a syringe, and mix it to one gallon of drinking water. And let them drink one days worth then replace with fresh water. repeat after 10 days. This will kill all internal and external parasites.

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