Worming Pigeons and Doves

Do you let them free-fly? Do you race the pigeons? If they are out exposed to the elements, this could make a difference if they need deworming. In Ca...is your climate dry? In dry climates, Ivomec given orally every 6 months is recommended. I would have a vet check a fecal sample first before I gave any dewormer though. If they do have worms, the medications need to be rotated to completely break the parasites life cycle.

Here is one article I found about "Quest".(Secret #2). I have not used it yet, but will be asking my vet about it. http://www.mclaughlinlofts.com/Secrets_.html

I am a firm believer in the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar as well. It's Secret #13 on that link. There are also many threads on here about ACV and poultry just in case......

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