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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by barkerg, Apr 1, 2016.

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    Jun 28, 2015
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    Hello BYC,
    As some have followed on the threads concerning the Ivermectin and Safeguard dosage issues and the dilution in water etc... I in the past tense used to deworm the way I had been taught over the years with safeguard at 3cc per 1gal of water and ivermectin at 4cc per 1gal of water. I picked up an adult green rooster from a friend that taught me to worm peafowl that way. It was in very bad shape neck back, wings dragging, swaying, eyes closed and weighed less than 4lbs. I knew it was too late but I tried anyways, all night in fact but he slowly passed. I opened him up, and no I didn't take pics because when you guys perform this task it looks like Dr Quinn medicine woman (Kathy [​IMG])but when I attempt it, its more like naked and afraid and I was just embarrassed to say the least, so Im sorry for that. The bird looked fine inside, liver,heart, all organs had great color. When I got to the digestive tract is where it got bad, his intestines were full of large round worms, they sucked him dry. He also tried ivermectin orally down the throat a few weeks ago and the worms I found were very mature way more than a couple of weeks old. The sad thing is, he is so set in his ways that he is blaming the feed store for a stronger strain worm in his crumbles and yes I have tried to change his thinking but its still a work in progress. In conclusion, from my observations, Im keeping my ivermectin mainly for my dogs heart worm remedy as I am now not sure it kills worms like most think and Im sure that 4cc mixed with a gallon is not enough to be effective. The 3cc safeguard deal is also not good, administer orally at full strength or get some water soluble Valbazen. I hope I helped someone because I sit back and think of how many birds I have lost over the years and couldn't figure out why and chalked it up as par for the course, [​IMG].

    Gerald Barker
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    Your story is much akin to what I had gone through. Three cc's in a gallon of water, four cc Ivemec for the follow up, and two weeks later this;

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    That is only one of the reasons its so important to do fecal checks. What makes it so hard for people to understand is that Bark- when your friend first had poultry, its likely that the dosage he still uses worked. Parasites, like disease are always evolving and its a constant race between problem and cure with the problem always getting a few lengths head start.
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