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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by Cadet_Jeff, Nov 5, 2009.

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    I'm worming my peafowl for the 1st time this week. I have 8 peacocks sharing a pen with 7 Red Chinese Pheasants and a couple Frizzle chickens. I know mixing chickens & peafowl is not recommended but they have been together since almost birth. All are around 8 months old.

    The only worming product my local feed store sold was Wazine. I know Ivomec or Safeguard is what most people are using on a rotating basis. Can I use the Wazine now and rotate the others in later, or should I order Safeguard or Ivomec now? If Wazine is ok, what is the correct dosage to mix in a gallon of water. The crew drinks just over a gallon a day. No signs of worms now or in the past.


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    Wazine (piperazine) is pretty weak and only controls large round worms. It will work, but the others are much better and broad spectrum wormers. The dosage for wazine is on the lable on the bottle, as it's intended use is for poultry( 1/4 once per gallon I believe but check lable to be sure). If you have a Tractor Supply Co. near you, they have both wormers, if not, go to www.Jeffers.com
    or any of numerous on-line places for wormers.

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