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    Feb 18, 2013
    Kent, England
    How often should i worm my chickens?

    I live in england so the weather isn't the warmest and I clean out their droppings everyday and have never seen anything in their pooh,
    I have 3 lohmann hybrid hens, they are 9 months old. Their pen is covered so no other birds can get to them. They lay eggs daily and seem healthy and happy
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    My own personal opinion is do nothing unless you suspect a problem. I have never wormed my chickens in the 8 years we've been keeping them, but I keep wormers on hand just in case. Some people worm their flock as a preventative a couple times a year: before going out to pasture in the spring, and upon coming in from pasture in the fall. Some symptoms of a worm problem are weight loss, dull or anemic-looking comb and wattles, and ceasing of egg laying. Also, watery and runny poops can mean a worm infestation (you may even see worms in the poops) but beware because chickens will have watery poops on occasion that are perfectly normal.

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