worms in chick poop...what do i do??


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Hi all, we got 9 8 week old chicks back in may, and recently I thought we had an outbreak of coccidiosis...I treated them for the coccidiosis, and they seemed to perk up..it was only one or two birds that seemed ill. After a week of treatment they all seem great! However, when i noticed the sick peep in the beginning, I had first noticed some blood in some poop. It was a barred rock that I saw poop the bloody poop. She didnt seem ill though..it was a rhode island red that seemed sick. She perked up after the sulfadimeoxine I think thats what it was called. Anyway they all seem fine, and I go into the coop this morning on the little chick side, and I notice some poop on top of something that is bloody..still....and I dont mean blood colored...I can actually distinguish the blood clearly from the poop. As I was looking I saw a WORM! there was actually a whitish worn in some poop.....it looked like a thin piece of angel hair pasta..it was about and inch or so long. it was dead of course but still definitely a worm.

I wonder, did I not have coccidiosis in the first place? and i really had worms?
Not sure how to treat for worms or what kind it is. I could take a picture of it..eeww...but I could.
thanks everybody for the help.

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My best advice is to do a search.

Use the search in the upper blue bar - just above your logged in name - I would search wormer dosage. You can search individual forums or the whole of BYC.

Eeeww - I feel for you and the chicklets.


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