worms in my eggs this morning


5 Years
Jul 17, 2014
I just found worm in my eggs? Are they harmful to humans? Getting dewormer today but mainly worried if the family ate an egg with a worm in it
It's actually a pretty common thought - others common confusions about the chalazae are that they are fetal bits, etc. They function as anchors for the yolk.
Yes - that is what is commonly referred to a meat spot, blood spot, etc -- it is indicative of a rupture of vessels or shedding of some internal tissue at the time the egg was being formed. It is no biggie, really, or cause for alarm. Some folks will pick out what they can (same with the chalazae) but there is no issue with just mixing it in with the rest of the egg in whatever preparation you are using the egg for.

This is a chicken egg that we found a "Roundworm" in. Readings say that it is common, but its only common when there is a large amount of worms.

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