worms wont leave. :( also lice??

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    I have a flock of nearly 30 and for the past couple of months they've had worms. About a month ago I got some piperazine dihydrochloride 53% and gave the recommended dosage in their water, but just today I found a wormy poop. :( I gave them another dosage and a half this time in their water............ what other ways can you get rid of worms? a few of my girls are significantly lighter than the others, and have been getting about 15 eggs a day, when I should be getting at least 20 (i have 4 roos..)

    my birds have also had an ongoing battle with lice, how can I get the lice gone? I can tell they are really bugging one of my hens, and im worried that the chicks will get an overload of them too.... I have a big bag of DE, should I put that in the places they like to dustbathe?
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    A study from Australia I think it was a vet in Melbourne recommends Cydectin (a cattle pour on wormer) -- the active ingredient in Moxidectin.

    The round worm lifecycle is 21 days. If any of the worms that you eradicated in your first dosage had laid eggs -- then the eggs had hatched after 21 days -- thus reinfecting the chickens.

    Here is an article about using Ivomec/Ivomectin

    When I use cydectin, I put 1 drop per pound of chicken on the bare skin. I find bare skin under the wing where it attaches to the body.

    One reason that I like to use a 'pour on' is that I know that the chicken IS treated and I know when...with anything put in the water - I really don't know how much they drank, if they found a puddle somewhere and drank none of the medicated water etc.

    Although there is lots of controversy and discussion about best way to worm - Cydectin works for me and my flock.

    For lice -- yes making DE available to the is good -- actually 'dusting' them with DE may be better. If there is an infestation where there are lice eggs at the base of the feathers, I would recommend bathing that chicken in a good dog shampoo -- I use 'Adams flea and tick shampoo' -- and then drying the bird -- and even using a blower on the feathers before returning her to the flock.

    Good luck with the pests!

    ETA - here is the article from Australian poultry Vet

    In this link 'how to powder a chicken' is an example of dusting hen with DE.
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    Thank you! I did want to get a dewormer that i could put on their skin or get them to ingest with a syringe, as I would know that they got their dosage, but the only dewormer my feedstore hafd was piperazine 53... :(

    I've tried dusting them, but I find that I really cant get the dust under their feathers as good as the birds to when they are dustbathing, so i think i will put loads of DE in their favourite bathing places (there are maybe 7.... ive got my work cut out for me!)

    I might bathe them, but I have 30 birds and the weather has been rather cold and wet out lately..

    for the dewormer I have, do you think I should continue to give them this dosage of the dewormer until its empty, then in two weeks give them another dose, then again a few days after?
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    You could do that. I used the piperazine product here in the states only 1 time. Wazine is the brand name. Because they say on the label 'not to be used for egg laying chickens' or some such -- I never used it again. Sometimes it is Lawyer talk to CYA . a vet told me that all the non-approvals are in the event a human would have an allergic reaction to a product -- and for that reason they cover the label with disclaimers. I don't think that these products are as effective as the more expensive pour ons. --- moxidectin (cydectin is the selling name here -- and it can be bought in Tractor Supply Co -- or probably any feed store -- sold in the cattle/goat section. on the ranch we used to buy it by the $300.00+ bottle.
    However, the herd's cows and calves weighed a lot!!

    Were it to be me, I would just get rid of the peperazine and use cydectin -- (but that is my approach anyway) -- another option --and you can find info on it here is the goat wormer... I got safe-guard (fenbendazole) Equine dewormer 25 gram paste 10% for horses of course -- another 'off label' use - the does for that is 1cc per lb...but to me it is such gooey messy stuff...and I think I got more on me than on the chickens. Some people put it in their mouths -- I helped a friend do that. at one point I was trying to put the dose in a 'sandwich' -- piece of bread...but you still have to separate them one by one -- or one eager hen will grab someone else's dose.....

    So with 30 -- you have to decide what works for you -- or do them on a rotation, or get help and do a production line. I know when I just had a few chickens -- it was easier to do all the things that they needed...now I'm up to 34 -- and they don't get the attention that they once did. I used to catch, inspect and weigh each one once a month....ahh the good old days. :O)
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