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    Mar 6, 2016
    One of my chickens lays an egg daily that has a very small poop on it, is that a sign of worms? I read somewhere a while back that it was. I was holding back on giving them worming meds till they slow down laying this fall. They are just 6 months old and have not been wormed before.
  2. Poop on the egg shells happen....Not a sign of worms.....Your pullets are only 6 months old....Only worm them next spring or not even then? I have never wormed any of my birds...As long as they are healthy worms never bother Chickens...

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    I wish that myth would die.

    Poop just happens sometimes. I had one hen that laid a pretty distinctive egg, who pooped on it every blessed time. Don't know if she had a plumbing issue or what, but she was a wonderful layer, healthy and glossy, active, and I hatched a bunch of chicks off her eggs. No worm problems in her or the rest of the flock.
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    Mar 6, 2016
    Thank you so much.
  5. No point in putting a bunch of chemicals into your birds if nothing is wrong..?

    Enjoy the Birds!

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    I have had chickens for almost 5 years and every four months I take poop samples to my vet for a fecal float. Twice they came back positive for tapes and I dewormed them with valbazen, that was two years ago. They have been negative ever since. The fecal test is only 20 dollars, I don't like to give my chickens any harsh chemicals unless it is absolutely necessary.

    I am quoting a piece of an article written by Gail Damerow in Backyard Poultry magazine October/November 2016 issue:

    "It bears repeating that a chicken in a healthy environment becomes resistant to worms as it matures, therefore the best way to prevent worm overloads is to keep your chickens healthy. Good management that provides a healthful environment is far superior to attempting to control parasitic worms through constant medication"
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    "Poop just happens" - too true!! [​IMG]

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