Worried about duckling


May 29, 2020
So I have a pekin duckling that is almost three weeks old. Today in her brooder (it’s a kiddie pool with pine bedding) she was jumping around then slipped and fell on her back. We picked her up and set her back on her feet. She started to walk and tipped over again. We took her out and had her sitting next to us, she took a quick nap and then got up and ran all around. Then she ate and she laid down the entire time she was eating, then started to stumble again. I am unsure what to do for her. Nothing seems broken but I worried about her back. Is there anything I should be doing? (New to ducks and unfortunately no vets around here work with ducks) I am really hoping she will be okay but I just worry. Thanks in advance for the help!
They get pellets, plus we give them peas and lettuce. I did put electrolytes in the water last night.
so far this morning she seems happy, still is a bit wobbly. She stood up and stretched and tipped back on her hocks a bit. Didn’t fall over.
She followed me around this morning, she gets tired easily but seemed okay other than stiff. She even did a little running. Just still really seems uncoordinated

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