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I have 6 guineas that I am raising in a brooder along with 14 chickens. They are 2 weeks old today. Most have already doubled in size but I have this 1 little guinea that hasn't seem to grow a bit. She/he sometimes will just sit in a corner all by her/himself and doesn't seem as active as the rest. The others don't seem to pick on her/him and let her/him eat but its just now growing! Feeding them game starter but want to know what else I could do to help it out? Any suggestions? Here is a pic to give you an idea of what I am talking about.
Yes I do see the little one. This happens with chicks too. Nothing you can really do about it. Sometimes they do catch up, other times, they're always a bit smaller, even as adult birds.

If you're sure the little one is eating and drinking with the others, I wouldn't worry much. If you want, you could give it a special treat of a chopped, hard boiled egg yolk, for some extra protein.

Take care,
Runts are common, failure to thrive for whatever reason, but most often it's due to something congenital. I agree egg yolk for a protein boost, and maybe crunched up dried meal works and some vitamins and electrolytes in their drinking water will help her/him catch up. Possibly even some probiotics will help. Don't be surprised if it doesn't make it tho... some do, but some don't, no matter what you try.

Best of luck with her/him.

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